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Area 41 Airsoft
Area 41 AirsoftTuesday, September 27th, 2016 at 4:27pm
Area 41 will NOT be open this coming weekend October 1st. Thank you
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Area 41 Airsoft
Area 41 AirsoftMonday, September 26th, 2016 at 12:55pm
We hope that everyone had a great and safe Summer! We are trying our best to be open by October 1st. Bob is trying his best to wrap up some previous commitments that he has to be open by October 1st. We will post on Facebook later this week if we will be able to be open this coming weekend.
Also if you have tried emailing us. Our business computer was down it is currently back up and running. We have not been ignoring anyone. If anyone needs to contact us the quickest and best way is to just give us a call at :352-942-0511
Thank you!
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Area 41 Airsoft
Area 41 AirsoftMonday, September 26th, 2016 at 12:50pm
We just want to let people know a few things that we have been running into that we need to address a few issues.
1. RULES AND REGULATIONS: We are a fully insured and licensed business. We clearly have our rules and requirements posted on the website and on Facebook. We don't care how another airsoft field runs their business! It's their business not ours their rules are there rules and our business is our business and our rules are our rules! We will NOT change our rules to match another's fields rules. As stated above we are fully licensed and insured and our rules and regulations are based on those standards. The standards and business practices of other Airsoft facilities are of no concern to us. We have taken great pride and as long as we've been open II have never had one safety issue or injury arise. Our rules are NOT negotiable! It is very simple if you don't like our rules and regulations simply don't show up! End of story!
2. Airsoft drama. There are people out there that out too "promote the sport", this phrase has been used and abused by many people. We get people come out to play from other fields and they throw that field under the bus saying how much they love us and there never going back. And then they go back to the other fields and say the very same thing about us! Are people that naive to think that field owners don't talk to each other? Most of the field owners are the ones that are trying to promote the sport so if an individual thinks they're gaining brownie points with us they're wrong! We get phone calls all the time and if we cannot accommodate a customer for whatever reason we more than happily refer them two other local fields that we think can accommodate the players needs. This also includes the people that try to sell products and/or their services at our business. We are not and have never been an airsoft flea market! One of the main reasons we've never allowed this is so we keep out of the middle of a bad deal because of unscrupulous people that are trying to either take advantage of others or sell their garbage that no one wants.
3. RENTAL EQUIPMENT : We do NOT offer any rental equipment. We did in the past but it just did not work out and was not feasible for us. We have and will continue two more than happily refer new players to other local Feilds that can accommodate the customers requirements.
We are sorry to have to put up a negative post like this but there are issues that need to be addressed. Especially when these issues seem to arise when we haven't even been open for almost 4 months!
Thank you
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Area 41 Airsoft
Area 41 AirsoftSaturday, July 23rd, 2016 at 8:29am
Just a reminder that Area 41 airsoft is CLOSED for the summer. We plan on opening backup in October. Thank you.
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Area 41 Airsoft
Area 41 AirsoftFriday, June 17th, 2016 at 8:58am
AREA 41 AIRSOFT is closed until October for the summer. We hope that everyone has a great summer! Stay cool!
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