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We are a fully insured airsoft milsim facility featuring a family friendly atmosphere



Area 41 Airsoft
Area 41 Airsoft1 day ago
Area 41 will be open this weekend.
$10.65 for the day.
Fully sealed ANSI rated goggles and lower face protection required. NO MESH GOGGLES OR SHOOTING/SUN GLASSES ALLOWED.
Just a reminder that no .12g or seamed bbs. allowed. This also means the cheap bulks bbs. sold at Dick's Sporting Goods, Sports Authority etc.
Only .20g and .25g bbs. allowed for AEG's or HPA guns. Up to a .45g bb for bolt action sniper rifles.
DMR's fall under AEG'S.
Box drum mags only allowed for crew serve belt feed weapons and can be electric.
Fat mags are ok but must be manual windup and cannot be electronically powered.
400 fps. w/.20g bb. for all AEG's, HPA's and crew serve weapons. (saw,rpk,m60 etc.)
500 fps w/.20g for bolt action sniper rifles with a 100 foot minimum engagement distance. (semi auto/DMR's are considered AEG's)

ALL guns will go though the chronograph prior to use on the field and will be marked this includes ALL pistols! If your gun is running HOT you will NOT be allowed to use it PERIOD! Even if you promise to keep it in semi only!
Apparently people have been sneaking guns on the field because they know that their guns won't pass the chronograph! If you are caught doing this you will be sent home for the day. If you argue or raise a ruckus or trying to remove or reapply the gun identifier you will be removed from the property not be allowed back! The "I forgot" excuse will not fly or even be considered!
The rules are black and white and there is absolutely no favoritism or excuses accepted when it comes to the rules,safety or sportsmanship period!
Area 41 Airsoft
Area 41 Airsoft added 2 new photos.2 days ago
Here's a handy bit set that has any bit you'll need for maintaining your airsoft gun. It's available at Harbor Freight Tools.
Area 41 Airsoft
Area 41 Airsoft1 week ago
Area 41 Airsoft will be CLOSED tomorrow December 9th. The weather isn't looking the best and we are having mechanical issues with the truck. We will be OPEN next weekend the 16th.
Area 41 Airsoft
Area 41 Airsoft2 weeks ago
When you come to Area 41 Airsoft please immediately come up to the trailer and pay for your entry.
If you are coming out to pickup,drop off or purchase a gun or equipment from Gulf Coast Airsoft please immediately go to their trailer.
If you are NOT playing you're not staying PERIOD!
Sadly this thing with "I just came by to say hi or hangout" will not be ALLOWED period!
We are a business not a daycare or hangout.
Please read our previous post.
Thank you and have a great day.
Area 41 Airsoft
Area 41 Airsoft2 weeks ago
ATTENTION PARENTS and PLAYERS: Area 41 Airsoft is NOT responsible for players buying,selling or trading their airsoft guns or gear!! It has always been our policy that we do not allow ANY buying,selling or trading anything on our property. Apparently people either can't read or listen to rules or announcements etc.
The only person allowed to do any kind of sales is CJ from Gulf Coast Airsoft. They are a VERIFIED business in the state of Florida and not some self-professed airsoft technical guru! They stand behind their work and the products they sell.
They also do not walk around asking people if they have or want to sell their airsoft guns,gear etc.
If ANYONE has had someone approach them about buying, selling or trading ANYTHING while at Area 41 please call Bob at 352-942-0511 and leave a message he will get back with you. Or you can message us through messenger. ALL calls will be kept absolutely confidential!
We have always tried to keep out of the politics and drama of airsoft but the people doing this are predators and the lowest of the airsoft community! Not to mention conducting ANY trade or sale of an airsoft gun with a minor in the state of Florida is ILLEGAL!
If you want to purchase an airsoft gun and do it locally call either
Gulf Coast Airsoft or Stampede Airsoft as they are legitimate businesses and not some kid or predatory adult who is buying or selling garbage!
We unfortunately do not sell guns anymore. We will always do our best to ensure that our players, especially our younger players can enjoy the sport of airsoft in the safest possible manner with decent equipment.
We understand that everyone has a budget and we WILL NOT stand for this predatory behavior! We will be addressing this matter immediately.
Area 41 Airsoft
Area 41 Airsoft2 weeks ago
Area 41 will be open this weekend and next weekend. We hope that everyone has had a great thanksgiving!