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Area 41 Airsoft3 days ago
Area 41 Airsoft will be closed this weekend. We will next Saturday.
Have a great weekend!
Area 41 Airsoft
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Just a few pics from Saturday. We hope that everyone had a great time.
Our next scheduled game day is January 27th 9am-4pm. $10.65 for the day.
No rental equipment or private events available.
Area 41 Airsoft
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Area 41 Airsoft will be open tomorrow January 12th.
Remember a new year means a new waiver. Please visit our website and print out the waiver and fill it out ahead of time. If everyone does this things will run much more smoothly and we can get to playing Airsoft quicker.
Also if your parents aren't able to sign the waiver in front of Area 41 staff your waiver must be notorized. Absolutely no exceptions or excuses will be accepted as we have put out the information two weeks ago.
Area 41 Airsoft
Area 41 Airsoft2 weeks ago
PLEASE READ! Feel free to share.
Remember that it's a new year and that means a new waiver.
Parents and legal guardians if you cannot sign the waiver in front of Area 41 staff you MUST have the waiver NOTARIZED!
You can visit our website to print out the waivers for adults and minors.

Please follow the instructions.
To play this weekend you MUST have a new waiver.
Some questions we get are:
Q. How old do you have to be to play?
A: 12 years old and up.

Q: If I am the big brother of the player can I just fill out the waiver?
A: No, you must be the parent or legal guardian of the player. No Aunts, Uncles or Grandparents are permitted to fill out the waivers unless they have been legally declared in a court of law to be that minors gaurdian.

Q: Why do I have to get the waiver notorized?
A: If you cannot sign the waiver in front of Area 41 staff you must get the document (waiver) notorized. This ensures that the person signing the waiver is the minors parent or gaurdian by signing in front of a notary who is recognized by the courts as a witness to the accuracy of a legal document.

Q: What is a notary public?
A: A notary public is basically a person who is recognized by the courts a person who guarantees as to the documents authenticity and accuracy of the document in question.

Q: I would never sue or seek reimbursement if I get hurt because I'm not like that. Plus I have my own insurance. So why do I have to fill out a waiver?
A: That's what everyone says until they're not able to work from being injured and seeing the expense of medical bills. Some private insurance companies will not reimburse or cover the expenses from being injured in organized sporting events or activities. Airsoft is considered organized once you have a referee.

Q: Other airsoft fields don't require waivers or getting one notorized why does Area 41 Airsoft require this?
A: We are a legitimate business that actually is licensed and insured. We carry insurance so everyone involved in the sport of airsoft is covered whether it's the player or the business.
Florida is a no fault state.
If you injure someone while playing airsoft you are held legally liable for any and all medical, legal or any other expenses incurred as a result of playing airsoft.
If you are playing in the backyard or the neighborhood and you get injured or injure someone your homeowners insurance may not cover any of the expenses due to the fact that it is considered an organized sporting event by the insurance companies. And whoever owns the property is held legally responsible for anyone being injured on their property.
As far as other fields are concerned it's none of our business how they run their business. As there is no legal requirements or regulation in the state of Florida requiring insurance coverage.
Most people think that won't happen to me. As a consumer it is your responsibility to make sure that the business you are visiting is covered buy an insurance policy that covers organized sporting events specifically Airsoft.
We carry a copy of our certificate of liability posted clearly where our customers can view it.
As stated before how a business conducts their business is none of our business.
All we care about is that our business and our customers are protected to the best of our abilities.

Q: If I come from across the state or a long way can I still play or can you just call the mom to verify that they know that their child in our party is playing airsoft?
A: No. The requirements are very clear from the insurance company. Whether you come from across the state or the country it's the responsibility of the customer to understand the rules and regulations of Area 41 Airsoft.
As stated we are a business. We are not a daycare or a local hangout. So no we are not going to keep an eye on someone's child who cannot play. We have many parents that actually that wait for their child while they play. And sometimes they actually start playing airsoft which we encourage as airsoft is a great bonding and team building experience for both the parent and the child.
Never assume anything!
Read the rules if you have a question give us a call.
That's pretty much it folks. We are sorry for the long post but we get a lot of phone calls for the same questions quite frequently. So this way it makes things run a little smoothly.
We're going to be open this weekend.
Hope to see everyone soon!
Area 41 Airsoft
Area 41 Airsoft2 weeks ago
Player tip.
We see a lot of issues with failures and most of the time it's from batteries. Cold weather takes its toll on batteries. Always keep your batteries charged especially if you are not playing for a while. One of the worst things for a battery is not using it and letting it discharge especially for lipo batteries.
Purchase a good smart charger. The chargers that come with the guns are a very low quality charger most people toss them in the garbage. A good smart charger can be purchased at most airsoft retailers for around $20.00.
Check your battery connectors also.
Deans connectors are one of the best and can be purchased at most airsoft retailers and RC hobby shops. Deans connectors have to be soldered onto the battery and gun wires.
Area 41 Airsoft
Area 41 Airsoft2 weeks ago
The new waivers for 2018 need to be filled out. You can go to our website and print them out.
Just follow the instructions.
ALL minor waivers MUST BE NOTARIZED if the legal guardian or parent cannot sign the waiver in front of us.
We have waivers at the field if needed.
Our next scheduled date is January 13th.
Happy New Year!