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Area 41 Airsoft
Area 41 Airsoft13 hours ago
If you call Area 41 please leave a message. We have to screen ALL of our calls. This is due to companies such as Google and Facebook trying to solicit their services. We ARE NOT ignoring anyone. But do too companies like this and the fact that they spoof numbers of people who we actually know this is the only way we can combat their illicit business practices.
So basically if you call please LEAVE a MESSAGE.
If you DO NOT leave a message. We WILL NOT CALL YOU BACK!
Thank you
Area 41 Airsoft
Area 41 Airsoft3 days ago
Area 41 Airsoft will reopen the 28th of October.
$10.65 to play.
12 yrs and up.
Fully sealed goggles and lower face protection required. *
400 fps. w.20g bb. AEG and HPA guns .20 and .25g bbs ONLY!
500 fps. w.20g bb Sniper rifle.** up .45 bb allowed. Absolutely no metallic bbs allowed!
Battery charging $2.00ea. Per charge.***
We do not rent ANY equipment or offer any private games/parties.
9am. to 4pm every other Saturday.
If you have any questions call Bob 352-942-0511
* shemaghs or neoprene face masks do not constitute as lower face protection. lower face protection must consist of a hard plastic or constructed out of steel mesh. No mouth gaurds or shooting glasses.
**Only bolt action spring/gas are considered sniper rifles. All semi auto or dmr is considered an AEG and fall under AEG rules.
*** Battery charging is on a first come first serve basis. We will not use customers chargers period! It is $2.00 per battery per charge fee. No exceptions! If you do not want to pay a fee charge your batteries or purchase a charger.
Area 41 Airsoft
Area 41 Airsoft added 2 new photos.3 days ago
Hey folks just a reminder that Area 41 will reopen the 28th of October.
Also if you need gun repairs give CJ from Gulf Coast Airsoft a call. He has a new number 352-238-7128
Don't wait until the last minute as we do not offer gun repairs etc.
Area 41 Airsoft
Area 41 Airsoft added 4 photos and a video.1 week ago
Here's some pics and a little video from Bob's excursion this morning. This was not at the field. But this is why one of our rules about snakes and leaving them alone and let us deal with them. This is a young water moccasin "cotton mouth". They are vary common as all snakes are in Florida. Please be aware that these snakes are POISONOUS and DANGEROUS! They can make you either VERY SICK or possibly KILL you. But everything has a place in nature. Chances are that you have probably been within feet of snakes even ones like this. They are not looking for a confrontation but just to go along their way. This is why one of our rules clearly state if you see a snake you will NOT harass or shoot the snake with your airsoft gun. Keep an eye on the snake from a safe distance either have a teammate get a referee or simply yell out for a referee and we will deal with the snake. Thanks and see everyone soon!
Area 41 Airsoft
Area 41 Airsoft2 weeks ago
We are planning to reopen October 28th.
Area 41 Airsoft
Area 41 Airsoft3 weeks ago
Area 41 will reopen in a couple weeks. We are currently working on updating the website. We will have a complete list of all the rules and other information on the site. We will post a list of our open dates. We will continue to play every other weekend. We will not be able to answer the phone this weekend as Bob has a bad case of strep throat. Just leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you and have a great weekend!